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Eden's Litter Page

Father: Couturebengals Taj of Divinus Pride

Mother: Eden of Divinuspride

Take home: 1st week of June (estimate)

Litter: 1 boys, 2 girls

New Arrivals

Birth   03 / 08 / 24

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Just days old

 In the hushed embrace of midnight, Queen Eden bestowed upon us three enchanting Bengal kittens—two Snow, one Brown. These precious miracles, born under the night's gentle veil, embody the beauty of beginnings. Witnessing their delicate existence is a gift beyond measure, a reminder of the magical tapestry of life. As we cradle these tiny wonders, we feel blessed to embark on their life journey, where innocence and love intertwine, making each moment with them a cherished blessing.

- 03/10/24

2 Weeks Old

Eden's precious litter of Bengal kittens have fully embarked on their playful journey at just two weeks old. With each passing day, they are making remarkable progress, transitioning from tiny bundles of fur to curious explorers. Their wobbly steps and playful tumbles bring smiles to everyone who watches them, as they navigate their cozy nest with increasing confidence.

Their eyes, although not fully open yet, are starting to peek open, revealing the enchanting hues that will soon sparkle with curiosity and wonder. Each kitten's unique personality is beginning to shine through, from the adventurous spirit of the leader to the mischievous antics of the playful one, and the gentle and observant nature of the quiet observer.

As they continue to grow and discover the world around them, Eden's litter of Bengal kittens is a delightful sight to behold, promising endless moments of joy, laughter, and love in the days and weeks to come.

- 03/23/24

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