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Artemis's Litter Page

Father: Couturebengals Taj of Divinus Pride

Mother: Artemis of Divinuspride

Take home: 1st week of May (estimate)

Litter: 4 boys, 3 girls

New Arrivals

Birth   02 / 01 / 24

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1 Week Old  

This litter was born in the early morning. Being Artemis' 4th litter, she did very well with no problems. She enjoys staying in our room when she is raising her litter. This litter surprised us with our first Sepia Bengal! We're so thrilled and excited to see how she develops. These photos are when they are just a week old. They haven't opened their eyes yet, but in the next few weeks they should slowly start opening their eyes and we will get to see their beautiful faces!


- 02/10/24

3 Weeks Old

At three weeks, they have almost all fully opened their eyes by now. Some are still getting there. They have some strength by now and can wiggle, squirm, and roll around but they haven't quite got their feet under them yet. So precious, each and every one. In our next update, we should have pretty mobile Bengal kittens!


- 02/24/24

7 Weeks Old

This litter is nearly full speed, at 7 weeks they are bouncing around just fine now, fully taking in their surroundings and are starting their journeys! Truly the best time to raise Bengal kittens as you can see their little personalities come out, watch their shyness turn to curiosity, and witness their bravery build with every new day.


- 03/23/24

Selection Photos

Doug  |  Male Adopted by Lauren