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Welcome to the Divinus Pride Bengals Reservation Center! Our reservation process operates on a first-come, first-served basis for each queen. We prioritize transparency, treating every reservation with equal respect and accountability, ensuring that each one is honored accordingly.

How It Works!

  • We accept up to 3 Bengal kitten reservations per queen for her upcoming litter

  • At birth we increase the number of available reservations to match the size of the litter 

  • When the Bengal kittens are between 5-6 weeks we begin the selection process with the 1st reservation 

  • Litters will be viewable on our Available Kittens page at this time

Reserve Your Bengal Kitten!

  • The current status for each queen will show below

  • Selecting the Reserve Now button launches our Bengal kitten application

  • Please Contact Us if you have questions or want to apply over the phone/in person

  • A $200 deposit is required to secure your reservation request

  • Deposits can be made with the PayPal link below, by mail, or in person with an appointment at our office

  • Once your deposit & application are received the website will be updated to reflect your reservation

If you have any questions before making your reservation, please Get In Touch! We are a wealth of knowledge and welcome any questions you might have to help you with your decision!


To check current Bengal kitten availability please visit our Available Kittens page.

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