Welcome to the Divinus Pride Bengals Reservation Center! Here you can see the reservation list for each of our queens. We only accept 3 reservations until the litter is born. After birth, if there are more than 3 Bengal kittens, we will allow for additional reservations which will be updated on this page. Once the Bengal kittens are between 4-5 weeks old, the litter becomes active and we will post their photos on our "Available Kittens" page. Once the litter is active the reservation holders can start selecting in priority order beginning with the 1st reservation. After all reservation holders have selected any remaining Bengal kittens will be available to anyone that is interested.

If you would like to place a reservation, click  "Reserve For Queen"  for the queen you want to make a reservation for and you will be directed to an application that we use to create a sale agreement. After completing your form a deposit is required to finalize your reservation. The deposit is $200 and can be sent through Paypal to our email at, or return to this page to and use the button below. When we receive your deposit, your reservation will be confirmed and the website will be updated. 

If you have any questions please let us know at 


To check current Bengal kitten availability please visit our Available Kittens page.

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