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Welcome to the Divinus Pride Bengals Reservation Center! Available reservations are listed for each queen. 

How It Works!

  • We accept 3 Bengal kitten reservations per queen until the litter is born

  • At birth we add reservation slots to match the number of Bengal kittens in the litter

  • When the Bengal kittens are between 4-5 weeks old the litter becomes Active

  • Active litters will have their photos posted on the Available Kittens page

  • Once the litter is active, we contact the 1st reservation holder to start the picking process and work down the list

Reserve Your Bengal!

  • Click  "Reserve For Queen" on the queen of your choice

  • This will load our Bengal application, please fill  in the form with your information

  • After submitting your application a deposit is required to finalize your reservation

  • The deposit is $200 and can be sent through Paypal to our email at, or return to this page to and use the button below

  • When we receive your deposit, your reservation will be confirmed and the website will be updated

If you have any questions please let us know at


To check current Bengal kitten availability please visit our Available Kittens page.

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