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10 Fun Facts about Bengal Cats

Bengal kitten wit a paw up and ready to swipe at a toy.
Bengal kitten steady in focus, ready to play!

As a descendent of the Asian Leopard Cat and a cross between the Leopard Cat and a domestic cat, it’s no wonder Bengal Cats have some fascinating features. With their coat pattern inherited from their Leopard ancestors and their loveable personalities passed down from domestic cats, they are bound to be a bundle of feline joy. They really like their humans. In fact, most Bengals will play with you with their claws hidden inside the sheath so you won’t get scratched. 

Fabulously Fun Facts About Bengal Cats That May Surprise You!

1. Bengals can be best friends with your dog pal! Amazing as it may sound, your Bengal cat can become really close with the canine in your home and with other domestic pets. They like to play dog games, like dog toys, and enjoy being taken on a walk. Always use a harness!

A Bengal cat bites down on a straw in a cup of water simulating drinking from the straw.
Bengal cats love water!

2. As amazing as that sounds, there’s something even more surprising. Bengal cats love to swim. You’re thinking that’s impossible, right? After all, cats don’t like water. Well, Bengal cats do. They love to play with water. Be careful if you have an aquarium. They’re known for going fishing!

Many Bengal cats even drink differently from other cats. They like to dip their paws in the water and then lick them. Don’t be surprised if they jump on the sink when you have the water running or into the shower to play with the drops left behind. And, yes, some even like to swim, which is a bit mind-boggling. If you want to explore water fun with your Bengal, we highly recommend this collapsible pool. This pool is durable and safe for pets. Our Bengals LOVE this pool. You can pack it up and store it away when not in use so it doesn't take up a lot of space.

3. The amazing Bengal cat can be the purrfect hunter. If you have a bird at home, be very careful. Watch closely to avoid unfortunate consequences. Try a motion activated laser toy to satisfy your Bengal's natural hunters instinct!

4. Another dog-like feature Bengal cats possess is to follow you from place to place, especially to the bathroom. If you combine that trait with their love of water, you may find your cute kitty playing with your bath water or even taking a bath with you! When its feeding time around here with a litter of kittens, you really feel like the leader of a wolf-pack!

5. Leash training is lots of fun with cats – if the cat will tolerate it. Most Bengals can easily be leash-trained. They tend to be much less apprehensive of leashes and harnesses than other cats. Keep in mind that it’s always easier to teach anything when a cat is young. Here is the escape-proof

harness we use, not only do we recommend it, but it is highly recommended through many communities.

Five Bengal kittens wait eagerly for a toy to be dropped to them.
A litter of Bengal kittens intensely wait for a toy to be dropped.


6. Bengals can be quite the cat burglars. They like to hide things. If you find yourself missing pens, hair bands, keys, or money, you know who’s to blame. They will also turn an important document into shreds so be careful. They will do just about anything to capture your interest. 

7. An important investment before getting a Bengal is a cat climbing tree, or two or three! Bengals like to be everywhere. They are more active than many other breeds, but like any cat, they prefer to be up high. They have extraordinary abilities when it comes to climbing. They can go where you never would have thought they could. This jumping and climbing skill comes from their wild ancestry. Therefore, they love cat trees, the taller the better, as well as high shelves and cupboards. As a breeder we go through cat trees like you wouldn't believe. One that we found and really liked was the Vesper Cat Tree No. 52045.

A Bengal kitten holds on to a tiny tennis ball.
A cute Bengal kitten guards his mini-tennis ball!

8. In addition to cat trees, you need to provide toys for your busy Bengals. They prefer interactive and intelligent toys because one of the most attractive features of a Bengal cat is intelligence. Once again, they resemble dogs in that they enjoy the training process. They have quite a penchant for food, so training them using treats is quite easy. Just don’t leave the treat bag open. They’re smart enough to figure out how to get food out of any bag. 

Intelligent toys are not the only type of toy Bengals like. They’ll have a good time with a plain ball or mouse toy, although don’t be surprised if they want to play fetch with the ball. The wand toys are a favorite for any cat, especially Bengals. It’s recommended to alternate old toys with new ones because it’s easy for them to get bored. Here is a short list of a few of our favorites.

9. All cats are known for being rather fastidious, but Bengal cats take it to the top. They really like their litter boxes clean. Amazingly, they can be trained to use a human toilet. Imagine never having to scoop a litter box again!

10. Have you always wished your cat could talk back to you? Well, having a Bengal cat is probably the closest thing you’ll get to that. They are known for being very chatty. They like to communicate and let you know what they need. Better yet, they have a variety of sounds – from soft and tender meowing to chirping to sharp, growling sounds. Their purr is also very loud. Sometimes you can hear it from another room. All of their many sounds are the way they show love or ask for something. 

So, there you have it. Ten of the most fun facts about Bengals. It’s certainly not a complete list. There are other things they will do that will delight and surprise you. If you’re thinking of bringing a Bengal into your life, be prepared for a bundle of joy, entertainment, and surprises every day! 

A Bengal kitten laying in a food bowl and eating.
This Bengal kitten really brings a new meaning to comfort food!

Extra Tips about Environmental Enrichment for Bengal Cats

Why the fuss about environmental enrichment for Bengals? Gone are the days when it was thought that a normal day for an indoor cat was to sleep for 18 hours, look out the window for a bit, eat, cuddle, and go back to sleep. This is true for any cat, not just Bengals. Research has shown that the reason cats sleep for 18 hours is because they don’t have anything else to do. Unfortunately, that can lead to physical and mental disorders. Obesity among cats is at an all-time high. So is feline diabetes. Behavioral problems are also abundant. Depression, over-grooming, urinating outside the box – many times, these disorders are caused by boredom. 

Environmental enrichment can fight this for any cat, but especially for Bengals. Again, Bengals are intelligent and energetic, and your mini-leopard deserves a domestic jungle in which to use all that intelligence and energy. 

Chances are you already have some things around your home that could be utilized better for your rambunctious kitty. For example, what about your windows? Does your cat have access to several of them? He should. A window is like a TV for your carnivorous cat. He absolutely loves to watch birds, squirrels, other small mammals, and dogs and people walking by. Placing a table under a window or buying a pet shelf to put under the window is a great way to increase his entertainment. 

A Bengal kitten pawing at a toy.
A Bengal kitten swiping with a furry fury!

Speaking of shelves, install them around your home at various levels to let your Bengal unleash her climbing powers. She’ll really appreciate it. 

Cat trees were already mentioned, the more the merrier, but also have multiple scratching posts that double as playgrounds, hide-and-seek cubbies, and intelligent toys. Even dinner can be a fun time if you use a puzzle feeder. It is a great challenge, stimulates their brain, fulfills that predatory urge they instinctually have, and fills their bellies all at the same time! Prey that moves is a great addition to the toy list. Motorized mice can be a big hit. Wands were mentioned – get one with feathers and your feline hunter can try to catch that bird he’s been watching. 

If you’ve got the space, an outdoor enclosed patio (called a catio by cat lovers) might be just the thing. If not, a regular walk with a harness and lease will bring your little hunter closer to the fresh air and new things to look at. 

These suggestions are just a few of the things you can do for your Bengal cat to make him happier and healthier. We hope you enjoyed our fun facts about Bengal cats!

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